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Packs List

Palette provides packs that are tailored for specific uses to support the core infrastructure a cluster needs and add-on packs to extend Kubernetes functionality. Each pack you add to a cluster profile is considered a layer in the profile.

When you create a cluster profile, you choose the type of pack you want to add: Full, Infrastructure, or Add-on. Full refers to the combination of Infrastructure and Add-on packs.

When you choose Infrastructure or Add-on, Palette presents only packs that provide functionality for the selected pack type. When you choose Full, Palette presents all the packs so you can build your cluster profile from the base layer up. To learn more about cluster profiles, check out the Cluster Profiles reference.

To learn more about individual packs, use the search bar below to find a specific option. Alternatively, you can use the filter buttons to display available options. To learn about pack update and deprecation schedules, review Maintenance Policy.